Naya Shakti Party sees need of dealing Tikapur incident politically


Kathmandu, March 18 (RSS): Naya Shakti Party Nepal has called on the government to address the Tikapur incident that resulted in the deaths of eight people, politically.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the party to make its views public about the latest political developments in the country, Dr Bhattarai said  the application of two different perspectives to deal with the "people’s struggle" (as a political  revolt) and the Tikapur incident (as an act of crime) could not be justified. 

 “The Biplav-led faction is guided by the 'ultra destructive thought' which is against durable peace, good governance, development, prosperity, and human freedom,” he said. The party has called on the government and the Biplav-led group to follow the appropriate revolutionary thought and a course of action and for the self-transformation.

The former prime minster further said the party was in  favour of mother’s independent (without any conditions attached) right to pass on the citizenship to her children and women deserved equal rights as of men on the matter of property share, lineage, marital relations, divorce and of relating to choosing of a foreign spouse.

He welcomed the government announcement to host an investment summit organised by the government with the objective of bringing direct investment at home and urged the government to create a conducive atmosphere for the investment.

BIPPA is mandatory for the formulation of required act, procedural simplicity, investment security and guarantee, he said, wishing that a new summit may not be limited to just a formality as of the previous one.

इमेजखबर एपबाट खोल्नुहोस् । एन्ड्रोइड डाउन्लोडका लागि यहाँ र आइफोनका लागि यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोस् ।