Prosperity should be made national debate: Spokesperson Banskota


Butwal, April 16 (RSS): Spokesperson of the government, Gokul Prasad Banskota, has argued that government had made headway towards nation building, therefore the prosperity should be made a national debate.

"The Investment Summit became successful to draw the attention of all including intellectual and the international community as well for country's prosperity. The investors showed interest to invest up to Rs 24 billion," Spokesperson Banskota shared at a press meet organized by Rupandehi Chapter of Press Chautari Nepal and Press Society here Tuesday.

Also the Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Banskota asserted that government has won the fight amidst criticism. Those who were against railway are being sidelined. "Now, the discussion is focused more on bringing railway from Keyrong-Lumbini, and Pokhara-Kathmandu," he underscored. As he viewed, this past one year was not only the foundation of laws needed for federal system, but also created a base for building a new a country and paving way for prosperity.

Moreover, the Spokesperson observed, "Now, even the opposition has stopped ridiculing government's plan of railway and ship by showing paper ships at Baluwatar. NC Spokesperson has begun saying- railway is not a matter of dream but a need."

According to him, the government is focused on agriculture, irrigation, tourism and infrastructure development ensuring well planned development. Government has been successful to draw the attention of the international community in the discussion how and when Nepal could be elevated from the status of poor country. He however said, "Development is not a day's work. Vision, plan, patience, activism and participation are required for it and the government has reached this point. Government is carrying out good works," he added.

He expressed worry that although the government and opposition had united voice during the investment summit, the media was divided. Journalism must be accountable to people and the country, the Minister suggested.

On a different note, the Minister reiterated that CPN's General Secretary Bishnu Poudel was defrauded in the purchase of public land of Lalita Niwas. Those selling the land with fraud must compensate General Secretary Poudel, he added. "Post, position and thoughts do not affect investigation and action," he added.

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